Within The Walls

Happy new month!!!

This month, we shall be having guest features on this blog and today, we would start with that of a friend, I call him my personal Doctor, Mubarak Abiola Mohammed, WeirdmaskmanNG. He is a Doctor in the making. Most times, I am blown away by his writings. He is weird but he is super intelligent. Enjoy.

Within the Walls

picture 1_within the walls

The house of the ill

The bay for the weak

Hosting the world’s sick

The house that rids of malady

The exorcist’s dwell

Hatchery for earthlings

A Boutique for the bereaved

And a nursery for death

A repellent cocktail whiff of disinfectants and the stench of decay is the conventional reception.

Ramming from wall to wall, like untethered raging bulls, are maladies of many sorts.

From the pang in the gut, the throbbing aches in the head, the soaring warmth of the skin

To the excruciating belly fury, the stabbing headache, and lofty fever like a funeral pyre

The drooling of saliva, the sore on the skin, the squirm of tenderness

To the puke of poison, the gaping wound that feasts bugs, the piercing cry of agony

It’s a wall of trade; Health or frail

Health in chains, frail on trays

The bodily Armageddon

Merchants of death against the givers of hale…

Raging feudal lords casting their weapons

A bloodcurdling, spine-tingling theatre of war

When the merchants of death hold sway, gloom devastates the wall,

Burying every ounce of hope

Wailings of suffering seize the halcyon,

The ailing, cough out their lungs, retch their guts, and purge their innards…

Incapacitated like a beast put under

picture 2_within the walls

Plastered to the couch

Shivering core and trembling hands

Dark shrunken eyes drained of identity

Desiccated labium, moulded teeth caging foul breath like a skunks bot

Gulping down pills of chalk as man clings to life like a drowning man would clutch at a straw

Wrinkled skin with furrows holding fester

Skin white with shock

Limbs, gone to jelly

A creeping hospice

Armed to the teeth in the territorial war with malady

Are guardian angels donning white cape

Killing ills with pills and bills

Plunging health-giving needles beneath the human casing

Making the unwell squirm as they unload the bugs off their corpus

The nightingales palm soothingly as they empathize

The druggists mould the designer herbs and dose the medicine

Standing between the delicate boundary that makes drug poison

The wizards of reversible sedation knock out with gas

And sawbones guard forceps between flesh and blood

Ripping the tissues to expunge malady

picture 3_within the walls

The wall is the combat zone for the pro- and anti-health forces

A wall that stands for man’s innate desire for survival,

His quest to conquer the Earth and eternally seed it.

He battles against ills that lurk in the wilderness waiting for a window, to put an end to him

More strength to the wall and all that uphold it