I went crazy with my hair

I promised I was going to write more this year but here I am, not written in months…. we thank God for life my people…. How are you? How have you been holding up? I am doing just alright; I think i am happy, I know I am not sad, I know I am not […]

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Fun Facts about me

Hello guys, it’s my birthday! (June 6) I cannot explain why I have been on and on about this birthday but we have to be thankful for life. I decided to mention a few things I guess people did not or would never know about me for no reason at all. – I leave volume […]

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First Love Series 10

In the last couple of days, we have had individuals share their love stories with us – some of the stories have led to marriage and lifelong relationships while some others have taught us lessons for when we meet the ultimate love and partner. Well, today’s story is about Jesus who is the perfect example […]

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